Are ONAX bars familiar to anyone, or do they differ from Xanax bars?

Are ONAX bars familiar to anyone, or do they differ from Xanax bars?



Has Anyone Heard of ONAX?

Avasmommy posted a question on March 28, 2011, asking if anyone had heard of ONAX. She explained that she was prescribed Xanax but often ran out early because her aunt was also prescribed the same dose. Her aunt recently gave her a few pills that looked like regular Xanax bars but had ONAX printed on them with a 2 on the other side. Avasmommy looked up ONAX and found out that they are made by Ocean Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan. She asked if anyone knew about these pills and if they were safe to take.

Expert Opinions

Several people responded to Avasmommy’s question with their own experiences and opinions. WildcatVet warned that foreign countries do not regulate pharmaceuticals as strictly as the US, so taking ONAX is at one’s own risk. Sm1thy1888 claimed that ONAX is the best they have ever had. Joezeppe said that ONAX pills are only half real, meaning that there is not a full 2mg in each pill. Ryan_V87 explained that in the US, Alprazolam only comes in a 3mg long-acting formulation, but there are many generics that could look like practically anything out there. Therealz said that ONAX bars are much stronger than Xanax bars from the US because they are made with 3mg of Alprazolam and are made in India. BrentDG claimed to have taken ONAX bars before and found them to be safe and effective. Drewski202 said that ONAX bars are stronger than regular Xanax bars and that he loves them. Mex420x warned that ONAX pills are not FDA-regulated and are weaker than other Xanax pills. Laurenashley claimed that ONAX bars work well and last longer than regular Xanax bars. Thecrane warned that ONAX is a complete fraud and should be avoided. Ryan_V87 advised against buying medication from Middle Eastern or Asian countries and warned that there are many fake Rx pills flooding the market.


Based on the responses to Avasmommy’s question, ONAX pills are a mixed bag. Some people claim that they are safe and effective, while others warn against taking them due to their lack of regulation and potential for being fake or weaker than advertised. It is always best to consult with a doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication, especially if it is from a foreign country or not FDA-regulated.

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