Can a person transition from consuming 1mg of Klonopin thrice daily to Xanax XR?

Can a person transition from consuming 1mg of Klonopin thrice daily to Xanax XR?



A Patient’s Account of Changing Anxiety Medications

In a recent post, AS1ck shared their experience of switching anxiety medications. They had been taking benzodiazepines since 2010 and were experiencing panic attacks between doses. After discussing their symptoms with their doctor, they were prescribed Clonazepam 1mg 2x daily, which was later increased to 1mg 3x daily. The patient expressed a desire to try Xanax Extended Release (ER), but their doctor explained that another doctor would need to prescribe it and that many insurances do not cover it.

The individual intends to have a follow-up appointment with their physician on June 1st to evaluate their progress on the current medication and explore the possibility of transitioning to Xanax XR. They are interested in knowing the appropriate dosage and if it would be similar to the amount of Klonopin they are currently taking. Other patients have shared their encounters with Xanax XR, emphasizing that medication reactions vary among individuals and that the anticipated outcome may not be attained.

When contemplating a change in medication, patients should have a conversation with their physician about their symptoms and worries. They should consider the advantages, disadvantages, potential side effects, possible interactions, and insurance coverage.

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