Do fake white G3722 Xanax exist? I have some that seem to have no taste and I am curious.

Do fake white G3722 Xanax exist? I have some that seem to have no taste and I am curious.

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I am curious if there are any counterfeit white Xanax bars with the imprint G3722 in circulation. I recently obtained some that have no taste and a different texture. Can someone please assist me?


Doggystyle86: A reliable way to determine if they are fake is to place one in water. If it dissolves within five seconds, it is genuine. Additionally, most authentic Xanax bars weigh .25g, depending on the manufacturer. I hope this helps!

Sly64: I have been prescribed Xanax for years and am familiar with them. They are now available in every color except blue, which I’m sure will be available soon. I personally enjoy the taste, which most people find strange. Genuine ones will dissolve slowly and have a smooth texture, while fake ones I have encountered have a peculiar taste and crumble easily with a chalky texture. Be cautious because there is no way to know what they are being mixed with. The price should also indicate what you are getting. Genuine ones now cost between $8-10 each, while fake ones can be buyd for $3-4 per 100 or $5-6 per single pill.

DJjordan: Absolutely! They are stamped and appear genuine, but if you know what alprazolam tastes like, you will recognize when you have a pressed fake pill.

cramsey13: Yes, fake yellow and white ones are circulating. The blue bars are genuine, and most yellows are as well. I have encountered many white ones that have no taste and a crunchy center. People are manufacturing these with presses, and it is difficult to determine what they are being mixed with. My guess is Ambien and BC powder.

Jmathis8690: Mine have the incline decline and look exactly like the white Xanax G3722.

useone420: There are a lot of fakes out there, and I know the flavor of Xanax bars. I just ate one, and I am exhausted, but this is not Xanax. It tastes like chalk and never dissolves. I will have to get these bars tested for safety concerns!

Mm04291984: One easy way to determine if they are fake is by examining the backside with nothing imprinted. Each 1/4 has either an incline or decline, creating a wave pattern. I do not know of any presses that can do this unless they are extremely high-end.

EvanMartin084429304: Yes, there are fake GG372 that have no taste, take an extremely long time to work, but produce similar effects. If you believe it is fake, do not take it.

Mel1984: Yes, I received 20 fake ones with no taste after being on them for three years. Be cautious because they are being cut with fentanyl. Do you experience pain when taking them?

Taylor1469: Hello, Myriah777. To answer your question, there is currently an epidemic of fake Xanax bars. They are referred to as “pressed Xanax or bars” and are laced with other drugs, including opiates and sometimes even worse chemicals like fentanyl. These are often made in Mexico by adding opiates, including fentanyl. Or if pressed, they will reduce the mg from a 2mg Xanax to barely any benzodiazepine in the fake/pressed pill. Pressed pills are in powder form, and most drug dealers make the pills themselves to increase profits with a fake pill. It is essentially a waste of money to buy and dangerous to take. Your best bet is to obtain a prescription so that you know you are getting the real deal.

XanzRus: I know a lot about Xanax. Currently, I have two identical green Xanax S 90 3 pills: one is slightly bitter, and the other has no taste. The same goes for G3722s. They have the exact imprint, identical height and width, and the same color shade. So one is more fake than the other, but I wouldn’t consider it entirely fake like some of the ones out there. There are different levels of how “fake” they can be. Some of the ones with no bitter taste will produce the same effects as a “real,” bitter-tasting one. The reason for expiration is that some use different medicines and herbs that produce an effect very similar to alpr

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