Does Teva 833 resemble Xanax more?

Does Teva 833 resemble Xanax more?

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Is Teva 833 similar to Xanax?

Posted by SPICEY on 26 Oct 2011, last updated on 9 July 2020 by VictoriaWimberly.

They are in the same class. Xanax, however, is a much stronger benzodiazepine than Klonopin. Klonopin is a good take-as-needed type for anxiety attacks, whereas Xanax is more of a take-every-day-to-stay-steady type. Valium works well for anxiety and is also used for muscle spasms. Nothing compares to Xanax, not Valium nor Klonopin. They are an okay substitute in the same drug class, but personally, I don’t think they do the same justice. But they will stop withdrawal symptoms from benzos. This drug is not like Xanax but similar. That would depend entirely on the individual who is taking it, their prior drug use history, and their mental state of mind. Clonazepam is Klonopin, a much safer alternative to Xanax. Xanax withdrawals can and will cause seizures! Teva 833 is a generic equivalent to Klonopin 1mg. Teva USA is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes them. So in response to your actual question, no Teva 833’s are more like Klonopin being that is what they are: Clonazepam.

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