For optimal outcomes, is it recommended to take Xanax with food or on an empty stomach?

For optimal outcomes, is it recommended to take Xanax with food or on an empty stomach?


Should Xanax be taken with…

Question posted by Sharris68 on 24 Jan 2013. Last updated on 16 July 2020 by Ck10.

CK Ck10 – 16 July 2020:

Hello from the UK. Unfortunately, I have needed to take benzodiazepines for a few years. In my own experience, taking them on a full stomach definitely reduces their effectiveness. My advice would be to take them on an empty stomach for best results. However, it’s difficult to predict when you will need them. I try to avoid them during the day, have a big lunch, and take them early evening. I usually take them with a Diet Coke which seems to speed up their effectiveness (probably the caffeine). This, in my experience, is the same with Diazepam or Xanax. Hopefully, a day will come when we no longer need these drugs to get us through the day. Anxiety is the worst; I would happily give a limb to not feel the extreme forms of anxiety I have suffered. I wish you all the best.

JU Junsosmena1 – 2 July 2020:

Taking Xanax with an empty stomach is more effective. I’m taking Xanax before bedtime then another one at 3-4 am in the morning I have perfectly feeling in the morning and no anxiety at all I can even drive normal. I am relaxing all day.

SF Sfak123 – 25 Sep 2019:

I’m really late to this reply, so I’m sure you already figured out the answer but to answer your question, Xanax is best on an empty stomach. You feel the effects right away rather than having food in your stomach and concentrating on being full. I always take my Xanax on an empty stomach especially when I’m having a panic attack. Good luck and I hope by now you are no longer suffering with anxiety because it is torturous.

LU Lucyloo61 – 4 March 2019:

Food definitely affects absorption. I took a 1 mg Xanax after a heavy meal and it did absolutely nothing. Same thing with sleeping pills. But after I take it and it starts kicking in I can eat something.

AS astarley – 25 Feb 2017:

No, guys, doesn’t slow it down or anything. The only interactions are grapefruit and alcohol.

CG cgulledge – 12 Jan 2015:

So know one here actually answered the answer. Swim wants to know if he takes his Xanax on an empty stomach if it would hit him/her stronger?

EN endlessPred – 25 Jan 2013:

Doesn’t matter. I take it with breakfast and a handful of other meds. Works just fine. When I was taking three per day I took the middle one in the afternoon with water. It doesn’t upset the stomach and dissolves quickly so be sure you drink a full glass so it doesn’t stick in the throat. It becomes effective quickly.

IN Inactive – 25 Jan 2013:

I agree with DzooBaby, I just wanted to add, if you’re taking it for anxiety or panic attacks, then you would, of course, take one at the beginning of an attack, and like she said, it wouldn’t matter, especially to stop an attack. I take Klonopin for anxiety/panic disorder, however, my dr. Has written just a few Xanax in case I start having a major attack, and Xanax kicks in faster. Good luck to you, and many blessings, Ruthie.

DZ DzooBaby – 24 Jan 2013:

I don’t think it really matters with Xanax. If taking it on an empty stomach gives you stomach pain or nausea then take it with food. When you take drugs on an empty stomach, they may enter the bloodstream slightly faster but it shouldn’t change the effectiveness of the drug. Just be sure to never take it and drink alcohol on the same day. Xanax can also make some people sleepy so see how it affects you before driving or operating machinery, etc.

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