Is it safe to take Xanax (Alprazolam) and Suboxone together? Are there any negative side effects that may occur?

Is it safe to take Xanax (Alprazolam) and Suboxone together? Are there any negative side effects that may occur?


Are Xanax (Alprazolam) and Suboxone Safe to Take Together?

A user on asked if it was safe to take Xanax and Suboxone together. Here are some responses from other users:

  • marcorlando: I have been taking Suboxone and Klonopin together for years without any problems.
  • junki: Taking a lower dose of Suboxone with a benzo is not an issue, but many doctors still won’t prescribe them together.
  • WildcatVet: There is a potential for a major interaction, so be careful and monitor your reactions.
  • Starrider59: I have been taking both medications as prescribed for 12 years without any issues.
  • amy_carver7904: Taking Xanax and Suboxone together can diminish the effects of the Xanax.
  • codysimp: Wait a bit before taking both medications to avoid vomiting.
  • jcochran: Mixing the two drugs can be dangerous and even fatal. Stick to Suboxone unless otherwise directed by a doctor.
  • danidani: Wait at least four hours between taking Suboxone and Xanax to avoid any adverse effects.
  • Vanessar: Taking both drugs together can cause disorientation, sleepwalking, and blackouts.
  • Nicnac74: Be cautious when taking both medications together and follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • LyndseyM6785: Be honest with your doctor and take both medications as prescribed to avoid any risks.
  • WickdEye71: There is a small to moderate risk when taking both medications together, but it can be safe if taken appropriately.
  • subzero58: If you were on benzos before starting Suboxone, it should be safe to continue taking them together.
  • SuboxoneMiracle: Taking a low dose of Xanax with Suboxone has not caused any adverse effects for me.

It’s important to talk to your doctor about any concerns or questions you have about taking these medications together. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and take medications as prescribed.

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