What is the distinction between White 2mg and Yellow 2mg r039 Xanax Bars?

What is the distinction between White 2mg and Yellow 2mg r039 Xanax Bars?


Xanax Bars – Difference…

Question posted by cougar carla on 5 Aug 2011

Last updated on 6 April 2022 by Jimmie Rison

What is the difference between white xanax 2mg bars verses the yellow 2mg r039 xanax bars?


Jimmie Rison: For the longest, the white ones were generic and the yellow ones were name brand.

Gwesley: No difference.

Jep1972: Caffeine in bars from a pharmacy literally just made me lol. That is just plain BS since caffeine causes anxiety. Some of these comments are ridiculous. If you don’t trust them, don’t take them..Sounds to me like you just wanna be high. I just want to feel normal and mine are dark blue from a small pharmacy and work for what I call SEVERE ANXIETY!! Which is the reason they are made.

Tom43: It depends which ones you’re taking for long periods of time. If you take the whites or green for a long time the yellow will be better Vice versa. It’s best to switch it up every now and then I’ve been on them 12 years. But that’s my honest opinion.

Ronlove777: First they have both different colors made by different companies but the strength are basically the same but always read about it and study medications that you are given by a doctor God bless you.

Allenkemper: Each company has techs from the drug and food administration. Each pill has to be a little under or a tad bit over. So the inspector will choose pills randomly from the conveyor belt, and I would think from other parts of the plant like maybe a random sealed bottle ready to be shiped out, and open it pick a pill. So it gives them a good random source of pills from the manufacturer some companies will repeatedly have (let’s say 2mg Xanax) pills that are a little under 2mg. I’m going to say 1.9mg, where the yellow ones will come out at 2.2mg 2.1mg, 2mg. Where the blue bars the ones that l prefer always seem to consistently be a little stronger 2.1mg to 2.2mg. remember that I’m have tried them all and these are my opinions and have no solid proof, except for my keen sense of what different Xanax mg’s and manufacturer’s do forI hope this helps.

RHurst1: If im not mistaken… so I wanna say the green ones are 2or3mg and extended released i think theyre 3mg. Now the yellow “school buses” are 2mg with caffeine in them. Now the whites which are 2mg do not have caffeine and i believe is the actual difference.

Bxlynn: I have gotten and consumed yellow Xanax bars 2 different time, and white Xanax bars 2 different times. Everyone says there’s no difference but I’ve felt much of a difference between the two. I PERSONALLY like the white ones better. They hit way harder to me, and they are still felt in my system for several hours later. The yellows can be felt within about 5 or so mins, but from my own personal notice, you come down from them way quicker than you do the white. Back in the day I always thought the yellow were better but ovér all, I feel that the white hit harder and last longer within my system; just on my own personal experience with both of the pills n not having much a tolerance with either of them.

Heatherlm: Yellow are time release.

G 372 2 lover: They are both regular generics the yellows or activities in the others are Either green stone which is my favorite because it’s an authorized generic, meaning it’s made in the same lab as the brand-name Xanax it has exact same colored string in the exact same inactive ingredients which can play a role in absorption with certain people.

Lazyia: There are several factors involved 1.individual 2. Psychological history 3 manufacturer. 4 tolerance I have found greenstone to be the best no they’re not green that’s the manufacturer and can buyd more so in the smaller pharmacies don’t just look at pictures read.


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