What is the effect of Klonopin on your emotions?

What is the effect of Klonopin on your emotions?

My Experience with Clonazepam

I recently received a prescription for 1mg clonazepam twice a day from my doctor. Although I was previously prescribed Xanax 0.5mg PRN, I have developed little tolerance to these medications.

Do You “Feel” the Effects of Your Medication?

While I have not experienced any panic or anxiety episodes since starting clonazepam a week ago, I do not feel the same wave of relief that Xanax provided. However, I find that clonazepam acts as a preventative measure for my anxiety rather than leaving me feeling sedated.

My Clonazepam Dosage

Initially, half a tablet (0.5mg) of clonazepam made me feel sleepy and relaxed, but now that I am taking 1mg twice a day, I do not experience any sedation. Despite having little tolerance, I do not “feel” the effects of clonazepam other than the fact that my anxiety does not surface as usual.

What is Your Experience with Clonazepam?

I am curious to know how others feel after taking their clonazepam dosage(s) every day. Is my experience typical? If you have any insights or experiences to share, please leave a comment below.

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