What is the origin of the street name "handlebars" for Xanax?

What is the origin of the street name “handlebars” for Xanax?



What is the reason behind Xanax being referred to as “handlebars” or “bars” in the streets?

PTBasile inquired about the source of the names “handlebars” and “bars” for Xanax street names on April 30, 2010, as part of a school project.


One answer to PTBasile’s inquiry proposed that “handlebars” could pertain to the challenge some individuals encounter when managing the substance. Nevertheless, this is mere conjecture.

The term “bars” most likely refers to the shape of the drug, which is often rectangular and scored with lines to facilitate breaking into smaller doses. Although some Xanax pills may be circular, the rectangular shape is more prevalent.

It’s important to keep in mind that drug nicknames can differ based on location and even specific dealers. Therefore, while “handlebars” and “bars” may be prevalent in some areas, Xanax may have alternative names in other regions.

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