What is the reason for the delayed impact of Xanax on my body?

What is the reason for the delayed impact of Xanax on my body?


What is the reason for the delayed onset of Xanax’s effects?

On March 20, 2011, dut2121 asked a question about the delayed effects of Xanax. An anonymous user provided an update on March 21, 2011.

Potential causes for delayed alleviation

LaurieShay states that Xanax is rapidly assimilated and usually takes between one to two hours to achieve maximum blood levels. Nevertheless, smokers may encounter a decrease in Xanax levels of up to 50% compared to non-smokers. Moreover, individuals who have been using Xanax for an extended period may have built up a tolerance, which could give the impression that it takes longer to become effective. Another potential explanation is that the individual has a slow metabolism.

How to Proceed If Xanax Isn’t Effective

If an individual does not feel any relief from taking Xanax in a brief period, they should get in touch with their doctor or psychiatrist. The healthcare professional may assess the individual’s medication and either raise the dosage or suggest a different medication. It’s crucial to adhere to the doctor’s advice and not modify the dosage without their supervision.

Best wishes to those who are searching for a way to alleviate anxiety or other ailments that Xanax can help with. Stay safe.

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