Which doctor should I consult for Xanax?

Which doctor should I consult for Xanax?


What type of doctor should I see for anxiety?

Miss.dee posted a question on January 18, 2012, seeking advice on what type of doctor she should see for her anxiety. She has been researching ways to manage her stress and anxiety, which is starting to affect her daily life. She is open to any recommendations and input from others.

WildcatVet responded on December 16, 2021, cautioning against the use of benzodiazepines due to their highly addictive nature. Instead, doctors may prescribe antidepressants or anxiolytics that treat the root cause of anxiety.

MarkClem48 suggested finding a doctor who is civil, educated, and listens to the patient’s needs. He also emphasized the importance of a doctor’s personality in building a good patient-doctor relationship.

Geminijeff76 shared his personal experience with hydroxyzine, a safer alternative to benzodiazepines for managing anxiety. He suffered from severe panic attacks and PTSD but found relief with hydroxyzine.

Canmike39 recommended seeking help from a local mental health facility instead of clinics.

Sassy girl 33 asked if a walk-in doctor could prescribe Xanax or Valium for her panic attacks as she left her medication at home while traveling.

Rodney5869 asked for help in restarting his Xanax prescription after stopping it for a few months.

AZO9 Kerser, who is homeless and suffering from stage five kidney disease, sought help for his anxiety and other health issues.

Harleychick0304 shared her positive experience with mental health services and prescribed Xanax and Cymbalta for her depression.

Inactive advised Miss.dee to consult her regular doctor for Xanax prescriptions but warned that the medication is on the FDA/DEA hit list and may require urine tests and contracts to continue receiving it.

Kittycatgirl2 noted that any doctor can prescribe Xanax but may also refer the patient to therapy.

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